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Edwin Eugene Aldrin (better known by his nickname Buzz Aldrin) is one of the most famous astronauts of all time. Along with Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins, Buzz was a part of the three-man crew for the Apollo 11 space mission, which was the first time that someone reached the moon. After Neil, Buzz was the second person to walk on the moon for the famed 1969 mission. 

After he returned from space, Buzz earned a doctoral degree in aeronautics from MIT. Despite being a celebrity and hero after the mission, Buzz was very open about struggles with alcohol abuse and depression in his memoirs published after the moon landing, with one of his most recent being 2009’s ‘Magnificent Desolation.’ He has been sober since 1978.

Besides his contributions to science, Buzz has also become a pop culture figure, appearing in TV shows like ’30 Rock’ and ‘Dancing With The Stars.’ 

Scroll through our gallery to check out photos of Buzz Aldrin through the years.

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